Discover the Biggest Challenges of Sales Leaders and their Organizations

Sales Organizations are continuing to shift. With emphasis on procuring the next generation of General Manager Mindset sales teams, Sales Leaders want to ensure their teams are knowledgeable of the varied levers that they can influence.

Our Report shows that many Sales Organizations have started their journey across the 4 Sales Capabilities that are discussed, yet not where they need to be to operate at peak efficiency.

In this Report, Thought Logic asked 20+ Sales Leaders who shared their thoughts on Future Capabilities and what their focuses were for 2023+.

In our Sales Capabilities of the Future Report, we share the results of our research, including:

  • Market Drivers Impacting Leaders and their Organizations
  • Future drivers of change in the marketplace
  • Top capability priorities for the next 3-5 years
  • Changes to capability areas and budgets in the future
  • Industry ratings

At Thought Logic, we speak with clients, prospects, and industry experts. We develop the tools and enhance services that uniquely speak to our clients giving them strategic support.

The Sales Capabilities of the Future Report provides a valuable snapshot of the current thinking and challenges that are on the minds of today’s Sales Leaders.


Read this complimentary report today to learn more about what’s happening right now in Sales Organizations:

  • Market Drivers that will shape the future sales capabilities
  • Path Forward: Risks, Change & Vision
  • Priority Sales Capabilities:


Are you directly involved in planning or strengthening sales capability development? What are the sales capabilities that you are prioritizing?

Being a part of our Sales Capabilities of the Future report helps provide insights to others and information for yourself:

  • Understand how your company stacks up against the competition
  • 1:1 overview and discussion with your team requires a 1-hr interview
  • Input into the survey

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