Working for Our Communities
Working for Our Communities

A passion for community and for service

Nothing says more about the character of our people than the work they do in their local communities.

By being a part of volunteer groups or showing support for those who lift our communities up in different ways, being a part of something bigger than ourselves is always a great way to spend time.

Clear values, open hearts

A big part of our culture is grounded in the work we do outside of our offices. Whether with members of our team, through community organizations, or at schools or with other civic groups, our sense of community is founded on giving back to others, and to the cities where we live, work, and play.

“Through the Thought Logic Outreach Program (TOP), we extend Thought Logic connections to the community and strengthen team bonds. TOP embodies our commitment to active hands-on involvement, delivering tangible results, and serves as a platform uniting employees, our clients and the community.”

– Jack Rogers
Managing Consultant