Where Consulting Meets Execution
Where Consulting Meets Execution

Concept to Completion,
Under One Umbrella

Thought Logic and TL Ignite combine unparalleled advisory and execution resources to help organizations define digital strategy, map journeys to success, and build tech-centric platforms and tools, all under one umbrella.

Start-to-finish, this advisory-meets-execution approach enables clients to work within an outcome-focused strategic development environment that is more easily scalable and cost-effective than multi-resource or in-house development.

today’s Technology Challenges Are All Too Pervasive

Companies consistently express challenges driving value to their business partners through data efforts and managing the costs of delivery. Traditional delivery methods often fail to fully address these challenges, and end up falling short of expectations.

Percentage of digital initiatives that fail to drive the intended value to the business
Increase in tech and talent cost compared to five 
years ago
Percentage of stakeholders who say developed solutions didn’t meet pre-defined requirements

Keeping Your Priorities at The Core

Thought Logic Ignite helps busy leaders turn technology-driven potential into reality without having to sort through endless permutations of options to meet their needs. Our onshore, offshore, and nearshore teams bring a wide range of experience and expertise to each project that allows us to match capabilities with the unique goals of each client.

Whether your priority is maximum cost-effectiveness, high-touch interaction, speed and scalability, or deep industry knowledge, we are able to create consulting and development teams that deliver custom solutions that track with your goals, always with a focus on ROI.

Expert Resources that are Built Around You

Creating a team to strategize technology-driven business initiatives and build them is cost-prohibitive internally and inefficient across multiple resources externally. We’ve created a model that gives you both at a fraction of the cost.

Ignite leverages our Thought Logic “Challenge the Expected” approach to business, with AI-guided teams to work closely with you as if they were a member of your own team. Each of these team members is driven by a relentless focus on ROI-driven outcomes delivered through tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.

Personalized Approach

Tailored Solutions

Outcome Driven

Delivery Excellence

AI-Driven Staffing

Timely Scalability

Vision Meets Execution

Less maintenance OpEx
Average cost savings
Shorter delivery timelines
Client satisfaction rate

A Global AI-Driven Approach to Delivery

Each Thought Logic Ignite engagement starts with a customized prioritization tool that helps identify traits that are most important to the business outcome of the project. Our proprietary AI tool then analyzes these traits to create the optimal structure for your team, maximizing what is important to you and minimizing costs.

We build more than software.
We build tomorrow.

The platforms and products that help your business move forward can now be both envisioned and brought to life all under one umbrella, helping accelerate digital opportunities that impact your organization inside and out.

Technology Modernization

Develop and implement strategies that breathe new life into legacy practices and systems, including data migration and process modernization.

Platform Solutions

Architect and build platforms to maximize output from Salesforce, ServiceNow, and other enterprise software, or build native, scalable cloud solutions.

Automation & Efficiency

Leverage automation around processes and data by mapping out opportunities and strategies and building systems to deliver greater efficiencies.

AI & Advanced Analytics

Identify and build strategic roadmaps for integration of AI into your business and build scalable platforms to unleash its potential.

Data Transformation

Understand data opportunities and put critical data to use with engineered cloud solutions that turn insights into action.