Multibillion-Dollar Multinational Food Service Company
Key Stakeholders

Executive Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Insights & Analytics, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, & Plant Operations


With accelerated growth coming from continuous acquisition of new brands, our client has continued to be a top food and foodservice provider globally. However, acquired companies were not fully integrated into the business and operated autonomously as individual entities resulting in inefficient business processes and duplicative activities when interacting with channels and vendors.

The client undertook a large-scale transformation focused on the changing the operating model from being brand-aligned to channel focused resulting in a revamp of many long-standing business processes and roles and responsibilities among teams.

Our Solution

Thought Logic partnered with business leaders to provide organization transition support for a complex organizational restructure, shifting from brand-aligned teams to channel-aligned teams. The team was responsible for leading the change management and process optimization efforts. To do this, Thought Logic:

Created process templates and worked with business leaders to create and prioritize a process inventory and define high priority processes

Defined a comprehensive change management and engagement plan along with communications and key talking points for leaders

Provided change management educational content to build organizational muscle, help leaders guide their teams, and support sustainable results

 Developed Team Acceleration modules to accelerate team connectedness and productivity for leaders of new/changed teams

  • Successfully transitioned 1000+ staff to new roles and teams over the course of 4 months with no disruption to the business
  • Developed clear and concise messaging on the changes to inform global stakeholders of how changes would impact their role and team
  • Identified high touch change areas and developed focused activities to help those roles and teams transition to the new operating model
  • Developed a detailed process library of 180+ critical business process and identified associated roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for process in the new operating model