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Data & Analytics – Customer Support


When our client decided to combine their customer support from twelve companies into one department, they tasked us with helping them create a technology road map and stand up a new analytics department from scratch with the intention of having advanced and predictive capabilities.


Our client was facing several challenges before they came to us. Customer service was spread out among twelve different business units, each with its own processes and systems. This made it difficult to get a holistic view of the customer experience or to measure performance.

In addition, the company lacked the data and analytics capabilities needed to support a new consolidated customer support department.

Our Response

We worked with our client to develop a data roadmap that would enable them to align their business and data objectives.

Our team delivered on every aspect of the project, from creating the strategy, roadmap to designing data architecture for the future state to defining key performance indicators for reporting.

We even created project plans for long-term data strategy. The result was a successful transition to a single customer service organization that met or exceeded all performance goals.


Our work led to the successful creation of a new department that is now able to provide excellent customer service.

Achieve success with a data-driven strategy

Transition to a single customer service organization

Create a future state that meets or exceeds all performance goals

Reduced costs through streamlining data processes

Increased customer satisfaction by enabling data-driven insights and decisions